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Paula Hobbs,,  specializes in home interior decorating and consulting services in the Austin TX area.  Paula will work with you as your affordable and attentive interior decorator to create interior spaces that match you and your unique personality.  One of Paula Hobbs's decorating philosophies is that she recognizes that not everyone has the same interior decorating personality likes and dislikes.  Point being, not everyone likes their home decorated the same as the next person.  Sadly, many of your local Austin TX Interior Decorators will try to impose their brand, their vision, their personal likes and preferences on you.  Instead, Paula takes the time to get to know you, your likes and your preferences to then form a decorating game plan around around you.  And, it's very affordable :)

Please visit me at for pricing and to learn more about my Interior Decorating services

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My Austin Interior Decorating services include: 

Consulting Services - For homeowners that live in Austin Texas I provide a modestly priced by the hour consultation service.  My consultation pricing is published on my website at

Rearrangements - Using your existing furniture and accessories we can simply do a rearrangement, meaning if you do not like the layout of your rooms and you don't want to buy anything new, it would be easy enough to a rearrangement of  what you have.

New Home Move-In - It can be hard moving into a new home, it can be overwhelming trying to figure out where everything form your old home will go, how things will wit, where to hang that artwork on the walls. Well, I am here to help. Let me help you make the moving process a little less stress free, let me deal with the interior decorating needs of your new Austin Texas home.  

Home Evaluation & Staging - If you are planning to sell your home in the Austin TX area, Pop Décor will evaluate and arrange items within your home to help you get the highest selling price possible.

Accessorizing - Did you buy a new, maybe a much bigger home here in Austin TX that you have a lot of empty spaces that you need accessorized?  Or, do you feel like you have the appropriate furniture pieces for your Austin Texas home, but you need some warmth added, maybe some color to offset the bland walls, some pictures to populate those empty spaces or accessories to fill those empty counters and shelves?  If so, as an interior decorator accessorizing is part of my job, and I am very good at it. 

Holiday Decorating - Is it the holiday season and you need help with holiday decorating? If so, don't stress yourself about it, let me help you by working with you to do your holiday decorating or doing it all myself.

Professional Shopping - As a veteran interior decorator I know all the places around Austin to shop, so I can be fast thus reasonably affordable with my time.  Also, the internet is a huge positive tool for me as an decorator, as I can

About Paula Hobbs:

Paula realized that many people want decorating help but either thought they could not afford a professional Austin Interior Decorator or were intimidated by the decorating persona. Paula’s simple idea of using what people already have as a foundation to create a fresh new look, is transforming the interior decorating business from one of fear and giant budgets, to one of friendliness and budget-smart. Pop Décor specializes in creating fresh interiors with an energetic and individualized approach in Austin TX.

Paula is most recognized for her decorating passion and providing creative changes in her client’s homes. Paula prides herself on her versatility and ability to work with any materials at hand, within any budget. Her goal is to deliver a high style that fits the homeowner's lifestyle. In doing so, she often makes unlikely combinations that make a room sing. Paula has the unique ability to take everyday items and make a unique statement that reflects the personality and charm of her clients. Her decorating style is inspired by her frequent trips to foreign countries, including Greece, Argentina, Brazil, Belgium, Spain, England, France and Interior Mexico.


Austin TX Interior Decorating Services Photo Album


Changing the Way You Decorate
Your Home

As a seasoned Austin TX Interior Decorator, I am able to work with all decorative styles and unique personalities of people out there.  It is important that we work together to mold that ideal space just for you (the best environment within budget that we can mold). It's all about getting to know your personal preferences, once I get to know you, I will be able to do my Decorating magic to affordably create a space uniquely for you and your personality.

quickly shop to source items for you online and easily forward you links and such for your approval.  When I store shop I can easily provide you with a detailed summary of my findings to include such things as pricing and pictures allowing you the opportunity to go purchase the stuff yourself or hiring me to do so for you.

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 With  the help of Paula Hobbs  as  your  interior decorating partner, 
your  Austin TX  home  can  be  transformed  into  a
 beautiful  space  that  is  uniquely  yours.

Please visit me at for pricing and to learn more about my Interior Decorating services

Interior Decoration, Interior Decorating orDecor is the honed in art of decorating a room or house from a decorating perspective that looks good and is functional with the space offered to work with.  Interior decorating encompasses many things like placement of furniture to artwork on the walls to accessorizing the countertops and shelves to drapery to  carpet and flooring to color selections.  If you want to make a space beautiful, you will wan to work with an interior decorator.  The objective of interior decoration  is to create an environment that the home owner wants to spend time in to enjoy. 

Although the terms interior decorating and interior design are sometimes used interchangeably, they are not the same.  An Austin Interior Decorator is responsible for making a property look pretty, while an interior design professional has similar task, they primarily are focused on structural and architectural changes.  each discipline exhibits a distinct difference in its scope.

In addition to the home interior decorating service I provide to the Austin TX Service Area,  BeeCave, Westlake, Lakeway, Round Rock, Pflugerville, Cedar Park, residents, I also am a home stager, I stage vacant homes for sale, and I consult with homeowners to help them prepare (stage) their own home  in preparation to be sold.  Home staging pricing and packages can be found on my website.  Please be sure to look at my Home Staging Pictures and Photos page.

Please visit, my Interior Decorator Austin TX website!  I, Paula Hobbs Austin TX Interior Decorator, provide a fresh concept in interior decorating, committed to providing you with unique ways of making your home beautiful. Whether you rent or own, live in a small studio apartment or a sprawling estate, I will work with you to create a spectacular space.  Give me, Paula Hobbs Austin TX Interior Decorator, a call today to see what I can do for your home's interior.

Service Area : Austin, BeeCave, Westlake, Lakeway, Round Rock, Pflugerville, Cedar Park
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